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December 2, 2010

Toronto Home Furniture: Renting Is In

We’ve always been big fans of our Toronto home furniture solutions.  Now, you might think that we’re a little biased: Because we offer Toronto home furniture, we’re inclined to think highly of it, the logic goes.  However, that formula’s actually flipped.  We offer Toronto home furniture rentals because we think the service is a good one and because we’re capable of offering it at a high level.  If we didn’t think that way and weren’t capable of delivering, then we wouldn’t offer it.  That’s how we work at Executive Furniture Rentals.

It doesn’t surprise us, then, when we see validation for our stance on home furniture rental.  This week, such validation came in the form of an article on, the online presence of Franchise Magazine.  The article is about home rental trends, and those trends are generally pointing upward.

Not only are trends pointing upward, the article points out, but many of the new home furniture rental converts are of a wealthier socioeconomic background than people who favored such services in the past.  According to to Alan Payne, the manager of a furniture rental chain in Australia and New Zealand, there are several reasons for this.

First is the increased mobility of the modern consumer.  Rather than getting a low-level job in a massive company and slowly climbing the corporate ladder over the years, today’s upwardly mobile, young professionals bounce around from company to company, leapfrogging.  That means more moves, which means less of a desire to be attached to a bevy of heavy furniture.

Another reason is the increased speed new fashion trends approach and recede.  Those same mobile consumers want to have the latest products—a desire that can be more easily facilitated, by the way, now that that consumer is moving much more.

Our Toronto home furniture solutions are top-notch, but it’s not all we offer.  We also provide excellent office furniture in Toronto, along with a host of other products designed to make any transition within Toronto a smooth experience.

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