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September 15, 2023

Transforming Your Home with Fall-Inspired Furniture Pieces

Nothing is more beautiful than a Canadian fall! Colourful naturesque landscapes alongside warm tones and textures inspire us to bring the outdoors in every autumn. With fall decor in full swing, this season presents the perfect opportunity to play with fall-inspired furniture pieces to warm up your space while easily transitioning these pieces into winter!

Come autumn in Canada we’re enamored by warm and neutral colour palettes and beautiful textures to make your home feel cozy and welcoming. Warm up any space in your home by bringing in woody cabin and earth tones using colour schemes and furniture choices that are transitional, comfortable, and stylish.

Smaller pieces like a modern accent chair and a cubed ottoman set with rich wood and neutral woolen fabrics can easily bring a sense of warmth to any space while allowing for extra seating. Don’t be afraid to choose bold neutral pieces that can be styled with textured accents and also work well as transitional pieces for future seasons. These simple furniture pieces add a warm, organic, and inviting feeling while allowing for more flexible seating for coffee tables, in front of a fireplace, or under a console.

Autumn is all about being comfortable and cozy without sacrificing the style of your fall-inspired furniture pieces. Upgrade your chairs, sofa beds, or sectionals and look for elegant and sophisticated colour palettes like creamy champagne or a velvety neutral beige to achieve both a modern and traditional style. Utilizing neutral palettes alongside interesting textures can really achieve a multi-dimensional look to your space while maintaining a modern edge this fall.

Play around with wood side tables and deep rich brown tones from a coffee table or media console. This can add contrast to a neutral palette while still bringing in warm, rustic autumn colours. Don’t be afraid to mix contrasting elements like grounding earthy tones and more contemporary materials. Pair marble with rattan, and even wood pieces like a coffee table with leather fabrics and stone. We also carry a variety of furniture shapes that are curved and angular while still maintaining an organic design perfect for the season. Of course, utilizing different textured throws, pillows, and blankets as well as furniture can also really help bring that fall-inspired ambiance indoors.

We carry pieces to fill large family spaces as well as narrow wall spaces. We also carry a selection of furniture pieces that are warm enough (including reds and deep browns) as well as neutral pieces that are subdued enough to work with and contrast other colour varieties.

If you’re looking to bring an elegant and sophisticated fall touch to your space that feels warm and welcoming during the cooler seasons then feel free to look at our selection of transitional yet modern furniture rental pieces for all things fall when styling your home, office, or event space this autumn!

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