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November 17, 2009

Used Office Furniture: A Great Option

Used office furniture, when bought for the right reasons, can be a wise decision for the bottom-line and prove to be environmentally a sustainable initiative.

The misconception about purchasing used office furniture, pre-rented or pre-owned, is the belief one will find exactly what they are looking for. Yes- there are deals to be made but knowing the right source(s) and I mean legitimate and honest sources, is the key. Getting guidance from a professional will avoid your company from ending up with a “quilt” décor or your home office with a non-ergonomic furniture dating from the 60’s.

The interesting shift in today’s used office furniture market is the inexpensive importation of office furniture from Asia. Think of it, is it better to buy used or new for the same price? To me, quality of the product is very important, especially if electrics are involved but on the other hand warranty issues must be considered. If it is used, will your dealer guarantee the product if it is used, and for how long? Another important factor is how accessible or readily available is the furniture if your company should need to add on due to expansion. These are just things that should be considered from the onset.

Great sources of used office furniture are furniture rental companies, office furniture re-sellers, reputable furniture contract companies with warehouse operations and auction houses.

Getting Used Office Furniture

If you require used office furniture and need assistance or guidance, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be very glad to give you an objective assessment of your needs and lead you towards the best path.

If you wish to save money by acquiring used office furniture, my best advice is to research your options and give yourself time to do so. Rushing will only prove to be self defeating. If you need the furniture immediately, you can always consider office furniture rental as an interim solution!

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