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March 1, 2024

4 Tips To Organize Your Home

Having an idea of what each room in your home will look like can be daunting! Professional organizers have a secret for making spaces for their clients look and feel the way that they do and in this blog, we’re sharing real actionable steps and four simple tips to organize your home and get it looking and feeling its best!


No matter what area of your life you want to improve, an organized home can help. Your home is the foundation for your entire life and when you’re in control and your home is operating optimally everything from your energy, self-confidence, finances, and even your relationships can benefit. 


Tip No.1 – Utilization


Before picking furniture, take a look at your room or space and think about its functionality. Here are some questions to consider:


“Which room is this (ie. bedroom, office space, dining room)?”

“How many people will be using this space?”

“What storage will be needed in this space?”


These questions may seem obvious however they’ll give you insight into whether your living room could benefit from a reading nook and TV viewing, or whether your home office should double as a guest’s bedroom.


Tip No. 2 – Focal Points


Deciding on each room’s focal point would be an ideal next step. Most times it is obvious (ie. fireplace, large French doors with a view, entertainment center) and other times you’ll have to create your own. This is important as it will determine your placement of furniture, storage, and the flow of traffic in the room. Furniture can also be a focal point like a large bed’s headboard for example. This is a great time to get your ideas on paper and plan where you’d like to see the furniture placed to compliment your room’s focal point.


Tip No.3 – Furniture Placement and Traffic Flow


Analyze your plan and decide on what furniture would be best suited to the room aesthetically and function-wise. Having a plan on paper will allow you to know exactly what your space will look like and what furniture to acquire. This will give you direction and focus on organizing your room and utilizing the space appropriately. You can start by arranging the largest furniture pieces in your room first to face your room’s focal point and build from there. You want to arrange seating and create a natural space where everyone can share the focal point as well as conversation (if suited). Larger rooms may require multiple conversational areas created with ottomans, love seats, and end tables for example. 


Considering the flow of traffic in your home (in and out of each room) is critical. Avoid large furniture that would obstruct main paths of travel and think about the circulation of the space as well as the distance between furniture to make it a comfortable space to move through. In large spaces use a rug to create a clear and cohesive space for the main furniture to sit on as well and to define and anchor the main seating area. 


Tip No.4 – Make Use of Unused Space


Considering the little details can make all the difference in your home organization journey. Utilizing storage and organizing it in a way that is pleasing to the eye can make you and your home feel cohesive, grounded, and complete. Consider using the same clothes hangers for your closets, utilize vertical storage in your pantry and shelving with shelf stackers, and create separation on your shelves with shelf organizers to divide different items while still giving them each a space. Baskets, bins, labels, and other small home organization hacks can make decluttering easier, your belongings more accessible, and enhance the look of your space.


Furnish Your Space With Executive Furniture Rental

Once you have your plan in place, browse Executive Furniture Rentals’ catalog for furniture to complement any space while allowing for functionality. We offer small and large-scale pieces as well as beautiful storage options to create a space that is welcoming, well-organized and that looks great while working optimally for you and your family!

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