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March 14, 2024

Spring 2024’s Top Home Decor Trends

In this blog, we’ll be sharing some of 2024’s top design and home decor trends. As we move into spring, we’re noticing distinct design elements that are becoming more popular and that we predict will last well into the end of 2024 and beyond!


1. Monochromatic

Deep, rich colours are a continuing trend from early 2024 well into spring. Color-drenching rooms with monochromatic bold colour schemes allow spaces to appear regal and beautiful. Execute this trend by choosing a small contained room (like a powder room or small bedroom) and maintaining the same colour throughout. This not only creates a dramatic look but also allows the room to look more spacious as lines are less defined between where certain elements begin and end. This trend works exceptionally well in rooms whose furniture is made of quality textured fabric. The furniture doesn’t blur into the background and adds a fun textural element that catches the eye.


2. Natural Nature

Embracing natural colours, textures, and materials, combining elements in nature, and thoughtfully layering them allows for a space that is welcoming and promotes wellness and rest. This trend emphasizes getting inspiration from nature with natural tactile textures and beautiful colours that are calming, invigorating, and serene.


3. Arches

While painted arches were certainly a hit in the last years, interior design and home decor trends are ditching the painted arches and continuing the shape in architecture and other small home decor elements. Rounded or arch shapes can be shown in furniture and decor including arched mirrors, small accessories, and more! 


4. Minimal Luxury

Another big trend in home decor and design is the minimal luxury look. This quiet luxury emphasizes quality pieces including furniture and fabrics, simplicity, elegance, and muted colour palettes like creams and neutrals. This trend looks great when larger pieces are chosen to stand out in a space to create a more luxurious look like an oversized piece of art. 


5. Warm Browns

Warm colour palettes including deep chocolate browns are on trend in interior design and home decor pieces. If you’re looking to add contrast to your home alongside elegance and warmth then feel free to add warm rich browns to your home with your furniture pieces and accessories for an atmosphere that feels elegant, cozy, and comforting. Browns are incredibly versatile colours that are also timeless and the palette can be utilized with smaller items like pillows and throws as well as side chairs, ottomans, and benches. Explore Executive Furniture Rentals’ exclusive pieces including the Mimico Storage Ottoman, the Sudbury Table, and the Blake Sideboard. 


Furnish Your Home With Executive Furniture Rental

Spring is an exciting time when we ditch the dried florals and bring in some fresh inspiration as we reach warmer temperatures. Use the trends above to uplift your spaces with home decor pieces that are on trend and relay elegance, luxury, and a natural atmosphere. Access Executive Furniture Rentals’ extensive catalog to highlight all the special spaces in your home with furniture that’s on trend! Our selection of versatile furniture pieces accompanies this spring 2024 trend beautifully for spaces that truly are contemporary, fashionable, and timeless!

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