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March 28, 2024

A Guide To Picking and Styling A Rug

Rugs are essential decorating elements for any and all rooms of your home. Whether you’re looking to ground a seating area in your living room or you’re using a rug to elevate your guest bedroom, at Executive Furniture Rentals we have all your rug selecting and styling tips to get your home looking more elegant, sophisticated, and elevated!


Choosing A Rug

Once you know which room your rug will go, you need to consider what style you’re most attracted to and the look you’re going for. For example, are you looking for a rug that is more traditional in style, contemporary, modern, bohemian, or eclectic? Would you gravitate more towards vintage or Persian rugs, stripes and geometrics, or natural rugs? Would warmer, cooler, or neutral tones compliment your room and furniture’s style and colour palettes?



Once you’ve nailed down your style you’ll need to take your measurements to make sure you’re picking a size that best fits the scale of your room. This is especially imperative in a living room where all the furniture and seating need to be grounded to make the space appear cozy and inviting. In a living area (in most instances) your rug should span longer than your sofa on both sides. Area rugs also shouldn’t go from wall to wall so that you can’t see the flooring. Floor space should peek through so that the room doesn’t look like a carpeted surface. Consider the scale of your room and the furniture that’ll be sitting on your rug to best determine your rug’s size. 



The options for styling your rugs are endless. Make sure the seating area is grounded by placing all the furniture on the rug, or at least the front half of your furniture piece’s legs on the rug to anchor the seating group of furniture. 


Create a signature look for yourself by layering rugs or using the rugs as artwork to be displayed. Layering rugs whether on carpet or hardwood floors is a smart and simple way to add texture, colour, and pattern to a room while defining your space. Use neutral or natural fiber rugs for the base rug as they make a great backdrop to all types of prints and patterns. Then select colours and patterns that are complimentary but different to add enough to pop to your room like a raised pile for added texture and warmth. Your rug needs to include a design that is cohesive with other elements in the room including wall decor, furniture, and smaller accessories. 


Rugs are great for providing a base of texture and pattern for your room while being functional and aesthetically pleasing. With the perfect size rug in the colour palette and style that best compliments the space, you’ll be giving your space a breath of fresh air while keeping it comfortable and welcoming. Rugs are like an art piece for your floor and choosing the right furniture to sit atop your rug certainly completes the look!


Furnish Your Home With Executive Furniture Rental! 

At Executive Furniture Rental we offer a plethora of furniture options for you to complete your space no matter your style, scale, or colour palette. Whether you prefer bold fabrics, neutral tones, or traditional-styled furniture, we have all the options you need in order to best complement your new rug choices. Our catalog of functional and beautiful premium pieces will accompany your rug for a room that is timeless, comfortable, and perfectly styled!

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