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August 30, 2023

5 Tips & Tricks to Decorating Your Rental Apartment

Whether you’re renting out a place for school or moving out for the first time, having your own place is incredibly exciting! Think of all the ways you can decorate your space to make it feel like home. Of course, you’ll want to be considerate to the fact that you’ll have limitations to decorating. You’d want to get your security deposit back after your lease is up, right?


We’ve got 5 tips to personalize your rental to turn it into your very own space! Keep on reading and let’s start decorating!


1.    Wall Art & Mirrors

Decorating your space with photos, posters, or art, can easily add vibrance and personality to any room. While mirrors can make a room feel bigger and brighter by reflecting any natural lighting. Both pieces are great for making a space feel more welcoming.


Make sure to hang these pieces without causing damage to your walls with Command strips. These strips are renter-friendly and can help you hang photo, posters, art, and mirrors without damaging your walls. Stockpile these strips and start decorating!


2.    Accessorize

Although you don’t have full customization of your unit, you have full control over the accessories you can add to your space. The choices are endless! From curtains, trinkets, storage baskets, towels, throws, pillows and more, it’s all about the details!


3.    Bring the Outdoors In

According to colour psychology the colour green has been proven to evoke feelings of safety and relaxation. Bring these feelings to your home with plants! Plants add a touch of nature to your home. Not only does it make a room feel more aesthetically pleasing, but can help to naturally purify the air indoors.


Don’t really have a greenthumb? Investing in plastic plants still add a bit of greenery to your home. Whether you’re good with plants or not, there are tons of benefits to using plants or faux plants to decorate your space!


4.    Upgrade the Hardware

Although you can’t replace the cabinetry in your unit, easily transform the cabinets in your rooms by simply replacing the handles and hardware. Head to your local hardware store and you’ll find tons of options to choose from. Just remember to keep the original hardware so you can swap them out before you move out.


5.    Furnish Your Home with Executive Rental Furniture

At Executive Furniture Rental, we have a wide selection of trendy furniture pieces to make your place feel like a home. From the bedroom to the kitchen, and even your patio, furnish your home with our wide selection of rental furniture.


Contact Executive Furniture Rentals

Incorporating these 5 tips into your rental can truly transform your living space into a reflection of your personality and style. With careful attention to details, from wall art and mirrors hung with renter-friendly solutions to the curated selection of accessories and the natural touch of indoor greenery, you’re well on your way to making your rental feel like a true home. Contact Executive Furniture Rentals today if you’re looking for stylish rental furniture to transform your space!


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