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June 20, 2024

6 Tips To Enhance Productivity in Your Office Space

Having the right furniture and layout for your office is imperative to enhance productivity and positively impact efficiency. Your office should be a place to focus, accomplish tasks on your to-do lists, and work toward achieving your goals. In this blog, we’ll be giving our best tips and suggestions for defining your workspace for a productive environment that you love working in!

1. Keep It Clutter-Free

Sight is perhaps the most powerful influence of all your senses and whatever you see in your office can either promote your productivity or distract you from your focus. This is why you must keep your office space free of clutter and well-organized. Having a tidy office space also contributes to a healthy and clear mindset so set some time aside each day to ensure that clutter does not accumulate.

2. Eye-level Monitor

Setting up your computer monitor in the right location is ideal as it is typically the place and thing you spend most of your time engaged with while working in the office. Have a monitor that is larger rather than smaller and set it up at the top of your eye level so you’re not looking up constantly. 

3. Desk Placement

You’ll also want to consider the placement of your desk in your office space. Is this a shared office space? Or are you looking to enhance the productivity of your home workspace? Either way and as best you can, position your desk so that you’re facing the door (if in a room) while simultaneously having access to natural light via a window. This can be tricky if you work in a corporate office but if you have control over your office space you’ll want to make sure you use the angles and energy of your space to your advantage so that you feel more motivated to work in the space. Refrain from having your back to a door and keep your workspace decor minimal yet uplifting.

4. Add Greenery

Add life to your space with a small plant or greenery. If that’s not possible, consider beautiful pictures of natural landscapes to bring the outdoors in. If your decor includes quotes and scripts, choose positive and inspiring messages that inspire you without distracting you from your work. When considering decor, choose pieces that help you focus, or small meaningful things that remind you of some experiences from your past to serve as motivation.

5. Lighting Matters

Your office lighting can have a big impact on your productivity. Utilize any natural light you have in your workspace and plan to have lighting adjusted throughout the day as the natural light weans. You can do this with floor lamps, table lamps, and more!

6. Office Layout

The layout of an office space impacts work efficiency tremendously. Ideally, we want comfortable and modern furniture that we enjoy, an open floor plan, and uplifting decor to increase activity levels and positively impact performance.


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