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May 7, 2015

Consider a Couch Rental for Your Next Event

Renting makes sense for one-time or occasional use such as events. It doesn’t make sense to spend money on couches and other furniture which would mostly be in storage. Keeping costs low is also another advantage of a couch rental service, especially if you are working with a small budget, or you are planning a fundraising event.

Get a New or Unique Look                                                                                                     

A benefit of using a couch rental service for an event, rather than buying furniture, is that you can rent pieces to fit in with the theme of the event. You can rent modern or elegant-styled couches for galas, trade shows, corporate events or meetings. Stacking or folding chairs are not fitting for every type of event, so a more customized and unique look of your couch rentals will add the perfect touch. You can event match the shape and colour of the couch to with the theme of the event.

Home Staging 

Home staging is a process where homes are temporarily de-cluttered and arranged with a view that presents it in the best light. Rather than incur the cost of buying brand new furniture to stage a home, you can rent the furniture until your home sells. It can make a significant difference in the offer you get for your home. You can choose from modern and sleek styles, to a casual and classy atmosphere for an inviting and appealing look to your home. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all couch rental service. It entirely depends on the shape, look, colour and style of your home. That’s why Executive Furniture Rentals offer a variety of looks from loveseats to sectionals to sofa chaises that range in colour and materials from leather to linen.

Lease to Own 

Over time, you can accumulate event furniture from a couch rental company. Buying a lease to own program costs less than a purchase of several couches ranging in price into the thousands. Over time, you can obtain some basic pieces such as couches or tables and you will spend less on furniture for future events. You can also buy previously rented or clearance furniture at really low prices.

Where to Rent?

Executive Furniture Rentals has made a name for themselves since they opened 50 years ago. Apart from quality, Executive Furniture Rentals is also a leader because of our customer service. We ensure that you get the right look, feel and function with our couch rental services. Contact us or request an online quote.

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