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July 9, 2015

Corporate Furniture Rental for Offices & Residences


Corporate furniture rental can be used to furnish corporate spaces, to provide seating for visitors and guests at a seminar, or to provide office furniture for the entire company when you move to a new premises. It provides a more cost effective, flexible and convenient alternative to buying the furniture, and it offers access to a wide range of high quality furniture for any business, event planner, or other corporate client.

High End Furniture

High end corporate furniture rental can serve many purposes. Whether you are furnishing corporate housing for travelling executives, or you need top quality, attractive, and luxurious office suite furniture, you can choose the items or sets that best meet your requirements.
High end furniture can cost a lot of money to purchase, and if you only need it for a few months for a temporary relocation, or because your business is still expanding and are unsure of your future needs, then purchasing can mean a large initial outlay with very little chance of gaining a return on your investment. Corporate furniture rental enables you to benefit from the same high quality furniture, but without having to commit to buying.

Furniture Range

There are many types and styles of furniture that you can rent. If you are looking to furnish corporate housing, or you want to provide furniture to an employee that is relocating, then you will need home furniture. Items like settees and chairs are only the start, and you will need to look for beds, wardrobes, and more. Using a furniture rental service negates the need to have to pick every item individually, as they will be able to help you choose the furniture you need so that you can continue with the daily running of your business. Office furniture, office suites, and event furniture are among the other types of executive furniture rental available.

Short and Long-Term Needs

If you are relocating an employee to a new location, and are providing a short-term lease on a local property, then your corporate furniture rental needs will be similarly short term. However, if you provide corporate housing in the cities where you primarily do business, then you may have a longer-term requirement. Similarly, office furniture rental can be used for the short-term requirements of a business in transition, or the long-term needs of a corporation looking to provide the best quality office furniture.

One-Off and Ongoing Requirements

Ongoing corporate furniture rental can be used to meet a host of different corporate and business needs. However, many corporate groups and businesses also have occasional or one-off requirements when it comes to furniture. Planning a large trade exhibition in a unique venue? Planning a massive corporate meeting with executives from all over the world flying in to celebrate 50 years in business? These kinds of event require furniture that most businesses simply do not have, and will never need again, and this is where corporate office furniture rental can offer even more benefits to the organization.

Home and office furniture rental services can provide high quality furniture at affordable prices, without the need to invest large sums of capital in buying the required items. Whether you have a short- or long-term rental requirement, whether you need home furniture for corporate housing or office furniture for your new premises, call Executive Furniture Rentals on 1-800-618-1733 to request a quote for your needs.

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