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September 11, 2015

Wood vs Glass Top Tables

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Wood and glass top tables are both wonderful additions to many different styles of décor. Both can be used for coffee tables, end tables, and dining tables. But with all the styles available today it can be tough to choose! Here are some ideas to think about that can make your decision easier.

Wood tables

Wood can provide a classic and timeless look. Wood furniture has proven itself to be sturdy and durable when well-made. Pieces come in traditional and modern styles. Wood is a good choice for rustic décor styles or ones that aim to incorporate natural elements in some way. Depending on what kind of wood the table is made of and how it is finished, it can add colour or a neutral warmness to a room. Some wood tables can be adjusted in size with a drop down leaf or one that can be added in the middle. High quality wood furniture can be expensive, which makes renting it an attractive option for many people. You can get the look you want without the expense of buying.

Wood tables are a more eco-friendly option than some other furniture materials. Reclaimed wood and sustainably sourced products are available. It can be stained or painted for a different look when it comes time to redecorate which makes it versatile, so you don’t have to buy new furniture. Of course if you’re renting furniture it’s even easier to change décor and we will do the heavy lifting for you. Wood tables add great style to homes as an accent table in the foyer or a dining table. As well, it gives business spaces a professional look as conference tables, credenzas, or office suites.

Glass top tables

Glass top tables can provide a clean and modern look but they can also look amazing when used as something different and unexpected in a room with vintage or traditional décor. Glass is a good choice for small spaces because the transparency creates the illusion of space by making the room look bigger and more open instead of stuffed with furniture. A glass top table reflects light more than wood tables which can also help a space seem bigger. It is more difficult to scratch or damage than softer woods. Glass is easy to clean and you don’t have to worry about stains or permanent marks.
Glass top tables are good if you want a table with an interesting base. The transparent top allows the base to be featured instead of hidden, making it a bigger part of the overall décor. This same concept also works to showcase a patterned rug.

An added advantage of glass top tables is that some are generally made with tempered glass to make them sturdier and less prone to damage. As well as many glass top styled tables are best suited for households without children and large pets or for commercial use in conferences, meetings, or events.

If you still can’t decide what would look best in your home, talk with one of the professionals at Executive Furniture Rentals for help. You can call us for a quote on furniture rental for your home at 416-785-0932 or 1-800-618-1733. Contact us today!

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