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February 4, 2016

Create a Modern Executive Office Furniture Look for Your Business


Moving your business decor from a mix of scavenged and inexpensive office furniture to a unified modern executive office furniture look can seem like a daunting task for anyone unfamiliar with the terms and principals involved, but don’t worry—once you get into it, it’s all quite simple.

Set a Real Budget

Good furniture demands a good budget but don’t despair, in the long term, higher quality executive office furniture will more than pay for itself. Though a low quality office chair might survive a year or two of consistent use before showing its age, a high quality modern executive office chair will last a decade; and in many cases, be backed by an exceptionally strong warranty. So if you want to build a truly respectable office aesthetic, make sure you’re at least budgeting generously for crucial high-usage pieces.

Determine Your Style

There are several schools of design currently thriving at the top levels of modern executive office furniture, most notably the closely related ‘contemporary’ and ‘modern’ schools of design. Both styles emphasize function, clean lines, and a lack of clutter in their aesthetics, with ‘modern’ favoring materials such as vinyl, molded plywood, and plastics. Contemporary design incorporates newer materials, sharper angles, fewer textures, and an even higher prioritization of function. Variants inspired by Japanese furniture aesthetics have also risen to prominence, offering low surfaces, straight lines, and highly simplified designs.

Before you begin to pick pieces for your office, you should stop and take the time to determine which school of design, and which of the many subsets, most appeals to your sense of aesthetics and the needs of your executive office.

Choose Central Pieces

As with fashion, most exceptional interior design comes down to the quality of your central pieces. A room or office should be built upon a firm foundation, one or two pieces which best embody your goals for the room. From there, you can design the rest of your room.

When choosing modern executive office furniture, in many cases this central showpiece should be your desk, but if some couch, chair, lamp, or table better excites you and embodies the modern aesthetics you want, it’s fine to build upon those instead.

Build Upon Your Foundation

Once you have your center piece, you can begin to consider other pieces for your office, each selected with the goal of complementing your central piece without clashing with one another. As you already selected a school of design to prioritize, you shouldn’t have much trouble avoiding the subtler problems which often arise in interior design; just stick to closely related designs and focus on matching your central piece. Your office will come together in no time.

Add Some Spice

At this point, you have a choice to make: do you want to add some sense of flair to your executive office, something that sets it off from similar offices or embrace the consistency and elegance of a well-selected office set? This can be difficult to get right, as the offset from the rest of your furniture required to be striking and the offset which becomes ill-matched and gaudy are fairly close together.

Final Considerations

Realistically, you don’t need to worry too much. Once you’ve done your homework and committed to quality, you’re not going to end up with a bad modern executive office furniture aesthetic. As with fashion, simply caring enough to try will put you in the upper ranks for office quality.

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