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November 29, 2023

Creating a Cozy Home for the Holidays: Tips from Executive Furniture Rental

The holiday season is a special time to gather with your loved ones and enjoy the good food and festivities! Hosting for your family, friends, and coworkers can be a great opportunity to dive into holiday decorating to make your home a welcoming and cozy atmosphere to create memories. Executive Furniture Rentals can take your holiday party to the next level by offering a plethora of furniture options to make your home the most inviting, accommodating, and beautifully styled for the holidays!

Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!

A few simple accessories can make all the difference in turning your home from fall to holiday-ready! Adding a new holiday or winter-themed front door rug and some planters gives visitors a sense of welcome before they get in the door. Consider swapping out your fall floral decor for dried florals with deeper colours and accessorize your home by layering different colours and textures on your furniture.

This can include an array of heavy or thick throws in deep reds, dark greens, browns, and whites, as well as textured pillows in tweeds, velvets, and more! Don’t forget to add bits of greenery around your mantels and staircases with beautiful garlands that bring the outdoors in.

Elevate Your Home This Holiday Season

Your furniture selection can make a massive impact on the look and feel of your cozy holiday atmosphere. Choose from a selection of Executive Furniture Rentals’ premium pieces that are available in multiple styles to complete and create a cohesive look with your cozy holiday decor. Elevate your entertaining with our Blake Sideboard in Dark Brown Espresso by your entryway which can be styled with some beautiful holiday decor including candles and winter foliage.

Furniture Rental for Holiday Events

Browse our end tables and side tables for your guests to place their cocktails and appetizers, and place them by one of our premium neutral-coloured sofas and/or sectionals for a look and feel that’s casual and for your guests to gather around and socialize. We also carry a wide variety of coffee tables including oak, walnut, and glass finishes to accommodate multiple styles. Coffee tables are also great opportunities for styling your holiday decor and centerpieces including some pine stems and classic table ornaments. Executive Furniture Rentals’ catalog of comfortable chairs for winter is also featured in multiple cozy textures and colours making it easy to seat more guests as well as to layer your snug holiday throws and beautiful pillows.

Contact us at Executive Furniture Rental!

If you’re looking to create a beautiful holiday scape for your home this winter and are eager to host and entertain without investing in purchasing premium furniture then feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding elevating the look and feel of your home this festive season. At Executive Furniture Rentals we carry all the premium pieces you need and want with a helpful customer service team to handle all the heavy lifting!

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