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December 12, 2023

Winter Wonderland: Embracing Neutrals This Holiday Season

It’s the holiday season! And we’re embracing the latest neutral home decor trends to create the coziest and most tranquil spaces during this hectic time of year. In this blog we’ll be sharing some tips and tricks about using neutrals and balancing them with all of your winter accessories to make entertaining a breeze and this holiday the best yet!


Why Neutrals?

Using neutrals remains one of the most popular interior design colour palettes to date. This palette immediately gives your space a sense and feeling of comfort, warmth, and serenity. A neutral palette also has the ability to act as a foundation for layering on any colour depending on the time of year, themes throughout the space, or simply when you get tired of the look and want to add pops of colour and accents with minimal effort and less budget.


Neutral-coloured Furniture

Neutral-coloured furniture provides a great base and foundation that can be infused with warm or cool colours to maintain a timeless, calm, and versatile look as well as visual interest. A living area with mostly warm beiges (including the wall colour and larger pieces of furniture like a sectional) can be accented with a smaller black console table to add a touch of elegance and offset all the warm tones. Rich brown pieces (including ottomans and side or end tables) can also be used to warm up a living space where the colour palette boasts cooler neutrals.


Accessorize with Neutrals

Embracing a neutral palette with your larger furniture pieces also allows for easier transitions between seasons as well as a calm and inviting environment for entertaining. Transitioning from fall to winter and holiday decor is a breeze when you add pops of colour to your neutral palette via accessories like plants and florals, throws, textured pillows, and other small accents. Layering in textured elements for visual interest including textiles, window coverings, woods, and metal pieces blend in seamlessly and allow for more fun experimenting with decor.


Contact Executive Furniture Today

At Executive Furniture Rentals, we offer a wide array of neutral-coloured furniture pieces as well as other colours palettes that compliment a neutral colour scheme beautifully. If you’re looking to infuse and elevate your space with furniture pieces that are more natural and textured to create depth in your decor then look no further! Our catalog offers customers the opportunity to create a dreamy neutral palette in any home or office with premium quality pieces that add to the warmth and feeling of comfort to a space by creating a cohesive look that blends well with seasonal decor and accents.

Browse our range of small and large furniture pieces to design a neutral look that is refreshing and dynamic while still meeting your unique needs. Whether you need furniture to create a new look or simply for entertaining, Executive Furniture Rentals offers a tailored approach and many unique neutral styles that our previous and existing customers continue to love.

Transform the look of your space by integrating a neutral colour scheme utilizing Executive Furniture Rentals and blend it nicely with your winter decor to immediately give your space an air of calm, comfort, and welcome this winter season! Contact us today!

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