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May 21, 2010

Custom Corporate Housing in Toronto

As you all know, we offer a host of furniture rental solutions, specifically geared toward our local market. Add custom corporate housing in Toronto to that long list. If you and your office are looking to make a relocation into the Toronto area, we can help.  We currently offer a Custom Corporate Housing program specifically designed to cater to your needs.  It’s a menu of several of our best services, bundled together in a way that is designed to provide convenience and save your organization money.  It’s the perfect way to relocate to Toronto and get your feet on solid ground with as little stress as possible.

The Custom Corporate Housing program an easy process—simply come up with a budget that fits your goals and requirements, peruse our list of options, and contact us!  We’ll begin to help you save right away.

Consider our Deluxe Package.  All you need to do is provide an unfurnished suite or house, and we’ll bring complete furnishings and necessary electronics within 48 hours, if needed, design assistance included.  Or upgrade to the Double Deluxe Package, which adds bedding and kitchenware to the mix, all of which (along with the furnishings and electronics) could arrive at the door of your unfurnished residence within 72 hours.

We also offer two Executive Packages.  The first, the “Twin Bill” Executive Package, includes everything already in the Double Deluxe Package, but adds optional phone, high-speed internet, and cable add-ons, along with optional bi-weekly maid service.  All these additional add-ons will be put into a single bill, separate from your lease.  Want to go all-out?  Consider the “One Bill” Executive Package, which includes everything the “Twin Bill” Package offers, with one added bonus: we’ll help you find your new home!  We can even provide accompanied tours of potential properties.

Your premier stop for furniture rental in Toronto is more than just that.  We’ll take care of you in a Toronto relocation every step of the way.

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