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February 8, 2019

Event Design Trends for 2019!

Organize your events with style! In 2019, event and design trends will include personalization, textured accents, mixed metals and wireless technology. Popular colours and patterns being used will include blue hues, warm brown tones, vibrant metallic and nature-inspired motifs. Keep reading to remain trendy this year!

Event Décor

Personalization may be the most important trend this year. The most important element of an event is to create a unique and one-of-a-kind experience to ensure that your clients are surrounded by décor that reflects design inspiration and aesthetic. At Executive Furniture Rentals, we offer lighting collections that feature acrylic columns, pedestals and tables that will compliment any room.


Event décor usually represents luxury and glamour. Using art deco will allow you to stay trendy by including design details such as channel stitching, curved edges, lush fabrics and soft colourful hues. If your event space includes metallic bronzes or marble, then adding textured fabrics and velvets such as soft seating with round edges, will complement the room and create a cohesive look.

Modern furniture with faux wood and marble laminates look chic and are constantly used to add appeal to any room. A modern design tip is to mix black metals with wood brown pieces in order to have a fresh teste on modern trends. If the goal of your event space is to reflect a Danish Modern and rustic design, it’s always a good idea to mix marble, velvet, and bronze metallic furnishings.

To add elevation to any rom, include faux fur as fur represents a chic and luxurious sense of style. This can be easily achieved through incorporating throw pillows and blankets.


Include tables with wireless charging ports to place Androids and Apple products on. This will allow guests to easily engage while networking at the same time.

Colour and Pattern

Blues are the trend for soft seating this year and they’re being paired with grays and brownish hues. Warm colour tones are what’s trending for seating this year. In order to bring life and vitality to designs, but still convey a calm atmosphere is by including warm earth tones with more vibrant colours such as reds, pinks and salmon tones.

If you have a major event soon that you need help designing and furnishing, then contact Executive Furniture Rentals for high-quality, affordable and fast service!

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