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February 22, 2021

Vaccination Pods For Rent

Covid Economy

It has been almost one year since all of our lives have changed to adjust to our new pre-cautionary way of living. Remember when it looked odd to see someone at the grocery store wearing a surgical mask, yet, it is so natural for all of us, at all times, to be doing the same in public places.

“Safety” has been the word of the year. We all are doing our best to be pro-active and cautionary. I admire the courage of us all. The front line workers as well as every one of us who care enough to abide by the Provincial and Federal guidelines. A special shout out to the thousands of entrepreneurs and workers that have been restricted to carry out their day-to-day business. We never saw this coming and the warnings we did receive were generally cast aside due to inexperience and false optimism.

Thank goodness, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Vaccines will soon be available to us all. The rollout, unfortunately, is not perfect. It is so important that we get our elderly, pre-conditioned, and teachers inoculated ASAP and for the rest of us to be patient. At Executive Furniture Rentals, we are proud and excited to start supplying temporary vaccination pods to Toronto’s designated public clinics. It’s encouraging, our staff is thrilled.

Let me personally express gratitude. Firstly, to all the employees of Executive. They have been so vigilant in ensuring that they remain healthy. They have all gone the extra mile to ensure the furniture that is delivered and picked up meets all necessary standards to prevent the virus. Secondly, to the Governments of Canada and Ontario that have created programs to assist individuals, families, and business with financial aid. I take pride that being classified as an “essential business” we have been able to remain open. Not one of our employees needed to be laid off. I hear stories of other companies and my heart breaks.

We are all enduring a harder way of life but I am so optimistic about our future. Soon relocated employees will easily able to travel to Canada so they can take up their temporary assignments, offices will shortly be occupied again with a robust and enthusiastic workforce. New offices will be planned. Once again, trade shows and conferences will be in high demand. After all, remember what happened right after the last pandemic of 1918, ……..THE ROARING 20’s! – Get ready to party!

Mark Miller
Executive Furniture Rentals

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