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February 3, 2011

Event Furniture Rentals Toronto

event furniture rentals toronto

We here at Executive Furniture Rentals are focused on bringing the best event furniture rentals Toronto.  After all, we’re a product of this fine city, and we pride ourselves in providing top-notch even furniture rentals Toronto services whenever and wherever possible.

Whether we’re discussing our event furniture rentals Toronto solutions or any of our other unparalleled services such as home furniture rental, office furniture rental, and custom corporate housing, the fact remains that we hone our efforts in on Toronto.  This is our backyard, and we have the experience and expertise to provide the best event furniture rentals Toronto services possible here, so that’s where we focus our work.

However, just because we work primarily in Toronto doesn’t mean we’re not well-connected elsewhere.  Indeed, as a member of the esteemed CORT Global network, we’ve established ourselves as part of a far-reaching group that shares our core values of excellence, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Today, we’re proud to announce some of CORT’s new products for the upcoming 2011 season.

Consider, for example, the Essex Collection, which is CORT’s take on the current furniture trend of Hollywood style.  Consisting of a two-tone sofa and chair, the Essex Collection is sure to please.

Another new product is Luna Transformations, which points to an ingenious method of redecoration.  An adhesive in four translucent patterns, Luna Transformations allows anyone to add a new element of visual interest to any Luna Lighting furniture.  It’s a practical and savvy way to put a new spin on already excellent furniture.

These announcements are always an exciting time, because many of these products go on to be spectacular successes.  Case in point: the 2010 introduction of the Endless Seating Collection, a system of modular seating.  It’s the kind of forward-thinking vision that engendered the Endless Seating Collection that we nurture in ourselves, and that we’re happy to see in an organization like CORT.

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