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May 5, 2010

Executive Furniture Rentals: A CORT Affiliate

Chances are, if you’re looking for office furniture in Toronto and you’re on this blog, you know about what we do.  Executive Furniture Rentals provides a variety of furniture solutions for the home and office in the Toronto area.  Our range of furniture is designed to provide satisfying results for all budgets and project sizes.  Whether you’re looking for a simple set of basic furnishings for a spare bedroom or you need some Herman Miller office systems for the large call center you’re relocating across town, we’ll be able to help you out.  (For those interested, check out our recent blog post about call center furnishing in Toronto.)

In addition, for those looking to sell their homes, we offer home staging solutions.  Home staging is an excellent way to help set your residence apart from other properties prospective buyers might be looking at, since it gives the home a lived-in feel.  And anyone who’s been to a home showing where the real estate agent baked cookies or bread beforehand knows how positive an impact the impression of human presence can be for a property for sale.

And so on and so forth.  Like we said, if you’re here, reading this blog, you probably know all this.  The question is, why do we offer all these wonderful services in tandem?  The answer: We’re affiliated with CORT Furniture.

CORT, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is the premier international furniture rental and relocation services provider.  It does what we do, but on an international scale.  Moving from Alberta to Albania?  CORT’s relocation services will help make the transition as smooth as possible, whether you’re a party of one or an office of hundreds.  It’s their specialty.

We’re proud to be a member of CORT’s global network, their representative in the rapidly burgeoning Toronto area.  If you’re not from around here, and need any of the great services we offer, there’s bound to be an affiliated branch near you.

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