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October 19, 2017

Feel Well, Work Well

Long gone are the days of fluorescent lights and high-walled cubicles in the workplace. Luckily, the office is now a vibrant mix of people, technology, ideas and innovation. This change in pace and energy demands a change of scenery because creating an office environment that encourages wellness and collaboration is essential for productivity and office morale. Studies indicate workers who feel well, work well. And, it’s no wonder that design trends are on track with the idea of a more engaged, and active workplace that stimulates physical, mental, and social well-being.

As far as different age groups are concerned: baby boomers, Gen-xers, millennials, and Gen Z may benefit in different ways. If you’re the head honcho at the office, you may want to consider creating a workspace that caters to all of the age groups for a well-rounded work environment. So, keep workplace wellness trends in mind when thinking of new ways to freshen up the office.

Get Back to Nature:
You can always start with rearranging what you already have as it makes for an easy first step in freshening up a workspace. Workers with access to daylight are 18 percent more productive; organize in a way that maximizes sunlight. Sunlight also improves employees’ attendance, performance, and overall attitude.

Another way to get back to nature is to bring plants into the office. CORT writes, ‘One study found that one plant per workspace can reduce tension and anxiety by 37 percent and can reduce fatigue by 38 percent. The effect of plants is both physiological and psychological, reducing blood pressure but also increasing creativity and productivity. Incorporating the outside inside is an easy way to lighten the vibes and create a happier office.’

Get Together
Shared spaces within the office help to maximize collaboration and kinship. ‘Giving your employees the flexibility to share their opinions and bounce ideas off one another is essential to innovation in the workplace. In addition, increased office comradery creates a standard of accountability that can increase the quality of work.’

One way to increase the free flow of ideas and energy, without a total office makeover, is to rent furniture that enables positive shared spaces. Adding an open lounge seating area or a gathering table are both good options to create a collaborative space. ‘Creating a positive environment for employees’ social and mental wellbeing is just as important as their physical wellbeing.’

One of the best collaborative office spaces we have had the pleasure to furnish, is Chef’s Plate (see gallery for more images). They used some of our favourite GUS* items to complete the look.

Get up:
Some of you are already familiar with standing desks. Studies have found that standing during office hours can reduce the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Here at Executive Furniture Rentals, our Pelcom Adjustable Table is a great option!

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h/t CORT 

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