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March 6, 2017

From Wall Décor to Furniture – Designing Your Place on a Budget

Adding Pinterest-worthy designs to your space does not have to break your bank or take up copious amounts of time. Some of the best decorating ideas can be done through small and simple changes. Consider the following ideas to help you get the design looks you want without the hefty price tag.

Tactile Textures
When you use different textures in your vignette it can help create a mood in the room. Use visually appealing pieces like big chunky-knit throws – these were a huge hit on social media! And mainly, use fabrics and threads that look interesting and inviting.

Even a small change, like adding an accent chair can change the overall look of a room. In a previous blog we mentioned using jewel-toned colours. If you feel daring enough this can apply to a piece of furniture for that added pop of colour.

Up a Wall
I can honestly say I have done this in my own home – with a can of paint and some pictures frames I created a statement wall that added some interest to our otherwise plain white walls. I would even suggest a feature wall with print-wallpaper too.

Or if you’re feeling like having a subtler wall, a gallery wall will definitely do the trick. You can mix and match different accessories and picture frames to create allure. Tip: try pulling colours from your room’s furniture or using a photo ledge above your sofa.

Wood & Metal
Hints of wood and metal throughout your home add a personal and warm touch to your space. Metal accessories, pendants, and retro-looking furniture can step up your design-game too. Our Gus line is very retro, and we have other items in stock reminiscent of a retro or mid-century era; for example, our Egg Chair, Vernay Chair, and Net Chair.

Executive Furniture Rentals can provide you with the quick and easy solution for designing your space on a budget – whether you are renting (or even purchasing) – we have got you covered.

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