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February 4, 2013

Furniture Rental Companies with Restricted Corporate Videos – Not Here!

furniture rental

Last week marked the first of many corporate videos that we intend to produce, to visually depict how furniture rental can be a service which can benefit companies and families. I encourage you to keep checking in and seeing the latest editions of our video collection.


When you think about it, the potential of actually viewing the finished install, the delivery and even preparation of the product, allows decision makers to have a good insight of one’s company. That’s what we want to do. I have never been one to like “stiff” marketing, so you can at times expect it to be fun. Maybe even a bit off the wall.


Take a look at our latest video by clicking on the “YouTube” icon of our home page. We filmed one of our swing space installations in Oakville. It was meant to show that furniture rental can also be of a higher quality at exceptional budget pricing. Lights, camera, action….this is going to be good!

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