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February 18, 2013

Home Stager – Love Them, Don’t Leave Them

Home Stager

The Issue

As 2013 gathers steam, I am noticing a perturbing trend within the real estate industry: more and more real estate agents and home owners are attempting to stage heir properties without the services of a home stager. They are bypassing the stager believing they can get equal results at a lower cost. This is simply wrong.

Consider the home stager as a project coordinator working in conjunction with the  real estate both with a common objective to see the home. The home stager has the decorating skill and talent to create the possible, the agent has the selling and management skills to accommodate the buyer.

Reasons For Using A Home Stager

Ok, I understand money for marketing  may be scarce , but so many times – have seen homes that could not sell, being sold once it was staged. Consider the following. A home in North York could not sell for $ 850,000. Simply could not after being on the market for 5 months. Then a reputable (and very reasonably priced) home stager was contracted. Within 2 weeks, the home sells for $845.000.  The home staging investment was .005% of sell with furniture rental included. Now you may question if the home could have been sold for the same price without a home stager. Take it from me, NO!

The Bottom Line – Use A Home Stager or Risk Losing Out on Potential Home Value

So one has two choices. With or without a home stager. Sure you can go it alone , buy at Indigo, Home Staging For Dummies (which by the way is a very good primer but not replacement for a stager!) or you can contract the services of a good home stager . I maintain that 90 % of the home staging industry is being done by 10% of the top home stagers.( Upon request, I would be very glad to refer you some of the best). If you want to maximize your selling price, there really is no choice. Hire a home stager!

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