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January 21, 2016

Get the Best Office Desk for Different Work Space Layouts

Get the Best Office Desk for Different Work Space Layouts

When it comes to planning the layout of your business, no two department’s needs are alike. Fortunately, Executive Furniture offers several options, so it’s important to look at the advantages or disadvantages each furniture suites provides your office space. When considering the different areas of your business, the best office desk will change depending on your employee’s needs.

Reception Areas

Your receptionist is the first person your guests see. Whether they’re board members or entry-level employees, you want to ensure you give off the best first impression. For the staff member at the desk, you’ll want to make sure they have enough privacy to store important files and company documents, but you don’t want them to seem unapproachable or hidden from the guests who enter the building.

Look for a desk that has a built-in shelf platform, which will give your sign-in sheet a home that makes sense. This shelf will serve as an easy pass-over for the receptionist if he or she needs to collect an ID or other information from the guest, and it will provide a chest-high station on which your guests can sign any necessary documents before entering your facility. Beyond this, your receptionist will likely need plenty of filing or storage space. Desks with multi-level shelving tend to work best at the front desk.

Call Centres

In a call centre environment, you’re presented with a special set of challenges: your employees need to have the privacy to speak to their customers without ambient sound penetrating the phone call, but they also need to have access to their peers so they can ask questions to get the call resolved as efficiently and correctly as possible. In these circumstances, long tables or square setups make the most sense, provided that you also have a barrier in between each workstation for privacy and sound absorption. Divider panels are generally an essential ingredient for success in this type of environment because super open spaces lead to background noise, positive or otherwise, that can be heard on the other end of the phone.

Management Offices

Every manager needs to have a desk that provides ample storage space as well as comfort for someone sitting across from him or her. If you’re furnishing your company’s management offices, make sure you find a desk that offers legroom on both sides of the furniture. All too often, the person who works in the room experiences total comfort while the person sitting on the other side is unable to get close enough to cross their legs or write without being uncomfortable.

Generally speaking, L-shaped desks work well for the executive team. Regardless of the size of the office, an L-shaped desk will help utilize the available real estate while offering privacy between the manager and a visitor. This shape provides optimal storage, both desktop and underneath, so the manager is able to maintain a well-kept and organized office environment.

Trendy Spaces

Today, there is a shift from secluded cubes to open spaces. Many industries are realizing success by breaking down the barriers and creating open office floor plans that consist of work spaces rather than defined cubicles. This helps to foster a connectivity amongst employees and can facilitate an improved employee morale.

Do you need help putting the best office desk in place for your company? Contact our team at Executive Furniture Rentals, and let us help you get set up right!

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