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December 22, 2010

Home Furniture Toronto: Barcalounger Returns to America

Though we at Executive Furniture Rentals are a home furniture Toronto service, we can’t help but be tickled by this bit of news from south of the border.  None other than the famed Barcalounger, a brand of recliner immortalized in lore and legend, will be returning to the United States next month.

The Barcalounger has a storied history with its roots in Buffalo, New York, where it was originally built by the Barcolo Manufacturing Company.  Its pioneering products became an inspiration for furniture makers the world over (and, in a much more relatable and day-to-day-way, to impromptu nappers everywhere).  Leisure is built into the company fabric, as they were, legendarily, the first company to allow its employees sanctioned coffee breaks.  Though this tale might be somewhat apocryphal, it nevertheless illustrates the importance of relaxation, something that, in a Barcalounger, is not hard to achieve.

No word on whether or not the iconic recliner will make its way to Canada, but we’re an optimistic bunch here at Executive Furniture Rentals.  Regardless, the return of exquisite comfort, at least to denizens of Las Vegas is assured.

We found this information while perusing  Here’s the article about Barcalounger’s reintroduction.  We thought those of you who are interested in home furniture Toronto might be interested in home furniture elsewhere.

We’re a premier solution for home furniture Toronto, but we’re also a lot of other things too.  Whether you’re looking for the aforementioned home furniture Toronto, office furniture, office systems and panels, special events solutions for the Toronto area, or custom corporate housing, we’ve got it all.  We even offer excellent support for home staging in Toronto, a rapidly burgeoning industry that can give you an edge in a competitive real estate sales market.  What’s more, we’re a proud member of the CORT Global Network, a group of the finest furniture rental solutions from across the world.  Wherever you’re going, we’ll be there.

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