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January 4, 2011

Home Furniture Toronto: Furniture Trends

At Executive Furniture Rentals, we’re proud to offer excellent solutions for those looking for home furniture in Toronto.  Our method for home furniture success is simple.  We take the same commitments to detail, value, professionalism, and service that characterize our office furniture Toronto solutions and simply refocus them on a more intimate scale.  The result is timely, efficient home furniture Toronto service that is bound to leave you satisfied.

One of the many ways we like to be well-positioned to offer the premier home furniture Toronto services around is to keep abreast of industry news and trends.  With the New Year still in very-recent memory, there are a host of year-end and year-beginning lists.  It is in this spirit that we share with you an article about furnishing trends in 2011.  Obviously, since 2011 is only four days old at the time of this writing, the post is more of a prognostication than proven fact.  Still, it’s worth browsing to see what Stacy Downs of The Kansas City Star has compiled.

Generally speaking, the trends focus on new tacks taken.  These include opting for a paler, more driftwood-like finish for hardwood floors over darker, like-new hues, as well as a move toward brighter hues like honeysuckle and gold.  (Honeysuckle, by the way, was named the 2011 color of the year by the Pantone Color Institute.  Talk about a trend!)  Others call for the resurgence of products that have fallen by the wayside such as sliding doors and carbon-filament light bulbs.

Two of the final trends, however, illustrate the importance of being true to your own unique decoration sense.  The first calls for repurposing old products in new ways, and the second suggests mixing and matching ideas to come up with your own perfect blend of new and old, upscale and rustic.  We heartily agree with that.

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