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December 7, 2015

Hosting Conferences Made Easy With Corporate Furniture Rental

If you’re in charge of planning a conference, you know there are many details to take care of. One thing you should have to worry about is furniture. With a corporate furniture rental you can get exactly what you need for your next conference. These furniture set ups can accommodate most activities and make your next event a success.

General Guidelines

Think about the size of your space, how many people will be attending, and what activities they will be partaking in. Modern furnishings are fine but avoid anything too trendy to ensure a professional atmosphere. Don’t forget the extras like podiums, multimedia equipment, additional lighting and decorative accessories that can be included with corporate furniture rental. Consider the room these additional items will take up, and the space they will require to get through doors, hallways and tight spaces.

When considering a corporate furniture rental there are several shapes of tables and chairs to choose from. Rectangular and square tables are good in larger spaces, oval tables can provide extra room to move around where space is a concern and round, boat shaped and smaller square tables are all good for encouraging interaction in a small group. Tables that have built in power or data connections or that provide a hole to help conceal cords and wires are a nice convenience. Folding chairs are popular for large crowds, but for a corporate event you may want more comfort and a more professional look. Wider square stacking chairs are a good option.

U-Shaped Set Up

This arrangement uses 3-6 rectangular tables or 2 L- shaped tables arranged in a U shape with chairs around the outside. It is good for groups with less than 25 people where there is a speaker or presentation either at the top or bottom of the U shape. There is room for participants to write or place reading materials. This arrangement promotes audience interaction with the speaker but not much between members of audience.

Classroom Style

This style consists of rows of tables with chairs facing front. It is good for large groups and often used in smaller spaces. Speakers can see the whole audience and interact with them easily. Participants have room for note taking.

Boardroom style

This arrangement uses one rectangular or oval table with office chairs around it. It is good for interaction between participants. It is not good for multimedia presentations, speakers or large groups.

The best part about corporate furniture rental is that you and your staff won’t need to spend valuable time setting up. Our professionals at Executive Furniture Rentals do the hard work for you. Our staff can answer any questions, provide design assistance, and provide custom quotes for special items you might need for your conference. Contact us today for a quote on your corporate furniture rental needs.

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