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February 20, 2024

How To Decorate Your Rental Apartment

Furnishing your rental property can be an enjoyable experience. You don’t have to be a designer to decorate your space beautifully and with these small tips and tricks, you can create a look that’s luxurious and high-end without breaking the bank. With the help of Executive Furniture Rentals your rental property can look great and generate the passive income you desire!

Decorate Gathering Spaces

When decorating and furnishing a rental apartment, consider the space or room in the apartment that brings the most comfort to people. Typically this is the main living room where renters and their guests gather together, catch up, and entertain. Statement pieces like couches, coffee tables, credenzas, media consoles, side tables, and dining room tables can define and anchor the room allowing for a more comforting and grounded space.

Quality over quantity

Always opt for quality furniture over low-budget big-box store furniture. Buying low-quality furniture for your rental property that will inevitably break will only lead to you having to replace the furniture two or three times over until you eventually decide to opt for better-quality options. Simulate the look of large and luxurious furniture pieces by placing two smaller pieces together. This may look like two sideboards, dressers, or glass cabinets side by side. Executive Furniture Rentals’ Elora cabinets, Blake sideboards, and mirrored cabinets look great placed next to each other for a long and high-end look. 

Accessorize with texture and colour 

Take the opportunity to decorate the walls with a small gallery arrangement of photos or frames for a clean look and utilize inexpensive textured pillows and throws to add a more luxurious design touch to the space. Pops of green and green elements will also add life to a space and can be done via prints or with artificial plants. Add greenery via plants, foilage, and/or florals to any space including the main living area, hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms. This adds a simple and elegant touch with little effort and budget. 


Planning is key to successfully decorating and furnishing your rental apartment. Take the time to look at your furniture pieces as well as your chosen decor items to ensure a cohesive look that’s appealing and comforting to the eye without looking cluttered or disproportionate to the apartment’s space. 

Decorate Your Apartment with Executive Furniture Rentals

It can be an exciting and thrilling time to create an amazing space for your future potential renter. With these easy tips, you can elevate your space and transform your rental apartment to make it look and feel its best. Utilize quality pieces from Executive Furniture Rentals to have fun and create a space you know renters will love. The best part is that nothing needs to be permanent and the plethora of options from our catalogue allows for endless premium opportunities! 

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