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December 5, 2016

How to Design a Guest Bedroom with Rental Furniture

Dear Executive Furniture Rentals,
I’m in dire need of some great deals on furniture for the holidays. I’ve left everything to the very last minute as I’ve been tied up at work and I need your help in decorating a guest bedroom!

— Sally, 42, Toronto

Dear Sally,
Do not worry! To accommodate your friends and family over the holidays, here are some tips to design a guest bedroom with temporary rental furniture.

Creating a cozy guest room to make your guests feel welcome and at home is easy with the help of our professional residential interior coordinators here at EFR.

We have a wide selection of furniture that will appeal to everyone’s style. It is important to take pictures and measure your guest room to make sure you select furniture that will fit and look great.

Use colours you think that all of your guests would feel welcome with. Keep the furniture as low-maintenance as possible – meaning, pick furniture that is durable against wear and tear.
Lastly, come by EFR to pick out your furniture items, and don’t forget to have fun with your décor!

Hope this helps,
Executive Furniture Rentals

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