How to Grow Succulents

How to Grow Succulents

In a previous post, I wrote about  7 Ways to Green Your Space. I want to add that succulents can give your space a pop of colour; which is good news because greenery is definitely here to stay, people!

Succulents are a great option to use for staging or if you’re just trying to infuse some life into a lifeless looking place. But, if you’re like me perhaps you’ve given some of your succulents short life spans. Fret not, I have a couple of great points through my own trail and error that will help your little guys live a long and bountiful life.

1. Avoid overwatering:
I will be the first to admit that I overwatered my succulents because I was ambitious to keep them alive. However, overwatering is counterintuitive with succulents as they are desert plants that require very little water. I would also suggest avoiding spray bottles since this leads to weak roots and does not provide enough direct water to the soil.

2. Proper draining pot:
This ties into my first point. Succulents need to drain because they don’t like sitting in water for long periods of time. Make sure your pot has a hole at the bottom of your pot. I would also say clay pots are a great starting point for anyone just getting started.

3. Proper soil:
Previously, I used regular flower soil. This is a big no, no! Succulents require succulent soil. This particular soil has little rocks in it, which helps to drain the water in the soil faster.

4. Sunlight:
If your succulents are indoors they need at least 6 hours of sunlight per day. So, make sure you keep them close to a window.

5. Fertilizer:
Most succulents require very little fertilizer. They only require watering with a well-balanced fertilizer about once per month.

I hope these tips help you grow beautiful succulents. For your staging furniture needs be sure to contact a sales rep who will assist you!

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