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November 27, 2018

How to Re-design and Furnish Your Office: Planning Ahead for Start-up Growth

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As most entrepreneurs dream of having a rapidly growing start-up company, it can be a challenge for business owners when considering the layout of their workspace. A growing company will likely require more employees, which means that you may need more available office space. This can be stressful as you may not have the means to immediately relocate your office. The good news is that re-designing the layout by making some minor changes to the furniture and overall office layout can provide you with some flexibility while you’re looking to move into a larger space. Here are 5 ways to make your office design more effective.

Tear Down Those Walls

Consider integrating an open-office layout. Open-office layouts encourage open communication, have a more contemporary feel and have been shown to increase employee satisfaction. If you decide to use this layout, keep in mind the kind of lighting that you provide, and create spaces that suit the type of work you are doing.

Share Your Spaces

Forget about the norm of having your own desk. Many office spaces discovered the effectiveness of having multiple desks and unassigned seating. Instead of keeping your belongings at your desk, considering including lockers for storage. This provides employees with the chance to sit wherever they feel. It also is a great way to encourage team huddles instead of using a conference room.

Just Add Wheels

Fixed furniture limits what you can do with it. Chairs, desks and tables with wheels are highly functional and beneficial for the workplace. Easily movable furniture is a great way to help your workplace adjust to the different needs of each day.

Keep It Clean

Clutter-free space will make the workplace feel larger. Encourage a clean desk by implementing a clean desk policy and provide employees with storage options, such as cabinets and shelving units, to help maintain that policy in order to improve productivity.

Imagine Remote Possibilities

Presently, it is more common to allow employees to work from home. If having space is an issue, this can be an effective solution. Having remote workers will allow for additional space in the office and increase job satisfaction.

If you’re in need of refurnishing and designing your office space, contact Executive Furniture Rentals to fulfill your needs and create a thriving workplace environment.

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