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August 3, 2023

Maximalism: From Cluttered to Statement Pieces

In this age of minimalist design taking over our Pinterest boards and Architectural Digest pages, we forget about another phenomenon in the interior design world–maximalism. Not to be confused with a cluttered, busy, or messy space, maximalist interiors embrace bold use of colour, pattern, and layering to create a space that honours and celebrates excess. It is the opposite of minimalist, where neutrals are embraced and the simplicity behind furniture and set-up is at the forefront. 


High-Quality Pieces

At Executive Furniture Rentals, we can style both minimalist and maximalist spaces using high-quality, staple pieces. Maximalism is inspired by Victorian design tips on how art stands out, and it’s all about showing off your favourite things in the room. Take a look at some of our colourful, bold furniture items like the Margot sofa or the Jada Dining chair

With a maximalist decor plan, you can choose to include additional pieces that you may not have put out before–like an extra stool or desk in the corner. The Trillium Stools are a perfect example of another pop of colour. The design is exclusive and unique, with the look of three separate stools attached together. Using cool-toned shades of yellow, green and red, you can maximise this piece with similar tones in the wall paint, for example. 

Pattern Play

Don’t be afraid to be bold and pattern play with your space. Interior design can be scary if you’re unsure of what ‘will go together’, but by following a few good tips from professionals, you can achieve a very rare design for a room. Mixing your patterns is an easy way to start accessorising. A general rule of thumb is to use three patterns in one room. Opt to use colours that have the same hue and intensity and choose tone-on-tone patterns which gives a neutral room depth and texture. 

We Can Help!

At Executive Furniture Rentals, we help create spaces for anyone’s needs. If you are looking into maximalism and wish to try out some bold pieces of furniture and accessories, you’ve come to the right place! Contact us today. 

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