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August 17, 2023

Our Favourite Furniture Trends for Fall 2023

Thinking of renovating your decor and interior this fall? Get some inspiration from the latest interior design trends. At Executive Furniture, we know how intimidating it can be to design, decorate, and commit to new furniture. Renting alleviates the stress! Check out these fall interior design trends to look out for when renting your next pieces: 

Embrace Those Curves 

You want to make your home or space inviting and comforting, and today, this means steering away from straight lines and clinical designs. The answer? Curves, rounded, and softened shapes to decor and furniture types. Instead of making a space look stark and cold, the current trend is to embrace the addition of less harsh patterns to introduce a more welcoming vibe.

Biophilic Design

This concept comes from the term biophilia, referring to the human tendency to interact with other forms of life. What does this mean for interior design? It involves creating a sense of harmony between your space and the world outside. Rather than prioritizing synthetic materials, this trend includes adding natural materials to balance a grounding, human dimension to our environments, helping us feel overall more calm and happy in a space.

70s Influences

One thing about trends is that they always come back around, and in recent years, designers have been looking to the 1970s interiors as an influence for modern day, sophisticated, yet fun and earthy-toned decor. This trend is a resurgence of the distinctive decade’s decor hallmarks, where texture is prioritized over form, so we get to see a lot of simpler shapes covered in soft, coloured materials.


Our Influence

Going by these latest trends, Executive Furniture Rentals can help you create the most aesthetic space, for both personal interior design, and staging purposes. Pieces like this Hilary Loft Sofa and Odeon end table are great examples of 70s influence in furniture, and a biophilic design, with earthy, neutral tones and a sophisticated pop of colour.


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