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October 30, 2013

Office Furniture – History of Canadian Furniture Leasing


Executive Furniture Rentals (EFR), formerly known as Canadian Furniture Leasing was the first furniture rental company in toronto that began renting desks, credenzas, office seating, file cabinets, visitor chairs, system workstations, conference tables and so much more.

The year was 1969 and the company was Trans Canada Pipelines that started it all. They understood that rented furniture presented the best means to obtain flexibility during their inevitable growth. The reasons have not changed dramatically over the years, however, the furniture certainly has.

Today, requests for highly ergonomic chairs such as the Aeron Chair from Herman Miller or the Improv task chair from Haworth, are not uncommon. Years ago, furniture rental companies would not dare invest in high quality inventories because of negative cash flow consequences but demands and needs have changed in the Toronto office furniture market. Companies recognize the need to have quality, even for short term requirements.

The same goes for workstations. EFR often rents system workstations made by Steelcase, Haworth and Global Contract – all proven to be respected, functional furniture for business. Clients often rent product what is new, refurbished or pre-rented “As-Is”. Every business has a budget, we understand. The professional staff at EFR has both the training and skill to ensure that the client’s interest is served best. This is from both a functional and financial perspective.

Temporary Office Furniture

Whether the need is to have temporary office furniture available for immediate delivery while new office furniture has been ordered, a boardroom table with leather conference chairs, filing cabinets, workstations for a swing-space application or simply rent with an option to purchase to ease cash flow, companies need office furniture.

In North America, furniture rental is a 250 million dollar industry. Did you know that 80% of companies from the Fortune 500 have rented furniture at some point during their growth? In fact, the largest office furniture rental company in the world, Cort Furniture is owned by Berkshire-Hathaway (a Warren Buffet company). We are the CORT Global Partner in Canada.

Executive Furniture Rentals has a great depth and breadth in our rental inventories. Require 100 task chairs in 48 hours? No problem! Need 75 desks by early next week? No problem. With EFR’s amazing delivery and install crew and trucks, often clients express their positive experiences to us. EFR is responsive, quick, efficient and most importantly skilled with the understanding that the client is first and foremost.

Uncommonly known “secret” about furniture rental companies

When the rental companies’ inventories are no longer required, they often sell the product as “used” furniture at a fraction of its original retail value. Most furniture rental companies, such as Executive Furniture Rentals have office furniture clearance centers. The staff at EFR would be glad to present options in how you can save with discounted furniture.

Furniture rental – option for your company

Explore the possibilities… Not only does furniture rental present flexibility, ease cash flow, give your company the image you desire but payments are 100% deductible. No need to pay additional tax on depreciation. Office furniture rentals have proven to be a win/win strategy. Let it be part of your company’s purchasing policy.

As Warren Buffet has aptly said, “Successful investing means knowing when to buy and sell, and when to rent.”

Or as I like to say: Buy what appreciates. Rent what depreciates!

Ready to explore your furniture options?

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