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August 25, 2010

Office Furniture in Toronto: An Ideal Solution

No matter the reason your company is looking for office furniture in Toronto, be it moving locations, redesigning a renovated office or otherwise, Executive Furniture Rentals can provide the ideal solution. Renting office furniture in Toronto provides a host of benefits and is on-trend with corporate practices in these fast times.

The number one benefit of renting office furniture in Toronto is that it conserves capital, which typically gets tied up when you opt to buy furniture instead. Because renting requires no down payment, rental payments can be classified as a business operating expense, as opposed to an investment like bought furniture. As a result, your furniture costs are completely deductible and can be financed monthly. When you buy furniture, the expense is capitalized over the lifetime of the piece, and you must also account for depreciation when calculating value.

Furthermore, renting office furniture in Toronto is a great way to accommodate your evolving business. You may be unable to project what your office’s furnishing needs will be in five or ten years. But with renting, simply let us know what you need right now and how long you’ll likely need it. Our office furniture rental terms are flexible, allowing you to extend the contract or apply rental payments toward purchasing the furniture. Just want to get rid of it at the end of the contract? There is no need to worry about liquidating or storing old furniture when you rent— simply return it.

Executive Furniture Rentals remains on top of corporate furnishing trends, to ensure that our services and inventory are current and consistently excellent. Customer-oriented service and professionalism make the difference when you rent office furniture in Toronto with us.

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