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September 2, 2010

Office Furniture in Toronto and Beyond

office furniture in toronto

For over 50 years, Executive Furniture Rentals has provided office furniture in Toronto under customizable lease agreements for the ultimate convenience and cost-efficiency. We are proud to have expanded into a customer service company with a dynamic inventory of the best office furniture in Toronto. Beyond our fantastic choices for the office, home and special event furnishing, we guarantee delivery and installation by our experienced crew on your terms.

In 2003, we were asked to join the CORT Global Furniture Rental Network as the official Canadian service provider for CORT Furniture.  The Global Furniture Rental Network is a convenient one-stop shop that connects customers with quality office furniture rental services in various destinations worldwide.It makes even the bulkiest transitions, such as an employer relocating multiple employees and their families, as smooth as possible.

One  central point of contact coordinates each customer’s furniture rental needs globally. Our own reach now extends to accommodate relocating individuals and corporations nationwide and in 50 countries. Executive Furniture Rentals generally supplies the southern Ontario corridor, including Windsor, London, Kingston, Ottawa and Montreal. We are also able to coordinate short or long-term rentals in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg and Halifax.

Furniture rental is commonly viewed as a very temporary solution, but our long-term leasing program makes sense for acquiring high-quality office furniture in Toronto and beyond. Our pricing rates are based on the length of your rental and the value of each furniture piece. The longer your leasing period, the smaller your rental payments. If you choose to renew a lease, the items will be discounted and pro-rated accordingly.

More and more companies are seeing the value in renting office furniture in Toronto, as many office furniture staples depreciate in value over time. By appropriating your rental payments as an operational cost, you free up capital to invest in other areas of your business that will encourage growth. Our leasing program allows for 100% financing on office furniture in Toronto, so there is no down payment and no need to prepay federal and provincial taxes.

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