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November 12, 2010

Office Furniture Toronto: Renting Makes Sense

At Executive Furniture Rentals, we provide a host of excellently conceived, complementary services designed to make any relocation, whether for home or office, as simple as possible.  Our flagship solution is, of course, our extensive selection of office furniture Toronto.  Our stock is varied and is geared toward any budget

When looking for office furniture Toronto, consider Executive Furniture Rentals.

In addition to office furniture Toronto, we also provide clearance furniture solutions, which can be a great choice for long-term relocations.  However, from a financial perspective, renting can just make sense sometimes, especially when the move is large, long-distance, and/or of predetermined length.

Though purchasing furniture permanently is generally accepted to be the more financially prudent solution, that isn’t always the case.  Consider this: Renting furniture for one year within a country’s borders can cost up to 47% less than moving furniture (using 6,000 pounds’ worth of furniture as the comparison).  An international move can be even more costly for people looking to buy furniture.  Costs in this regard can be reduced up to 67% if those movers were to simply rent.  Two-year costs for renting furniture in these two scenarios are still lower than for buying.

So there you have it: Rental furniture is clearly the way to go for short-term and medium-term moves.  It just makes sense.

In addition to our exemplary office furniture Toronto solutions, we have several other services which are every bit as powerful.  These include home furniture, special event furnishings, home staging, and custom corporate housing.  We’ve brought the commitment to excellence and service that embodies our office furniture Toronto concern to each of these.

As you can see, Executive Furniture Rentals has diversified beyond office furniture Toronto.  We’re ready help make any Toronto-area relocation, home or office sale, or special event go more smoothly.

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