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November 9, 2023

Our Favourite Furniture Trends for Winter 2023

We are loving the latest interior design and furniture trends for winter 2023! Past minimalistic takes on popular styles including boho, Scandinavian, and mid-century modern have been replaced with more personalized, creative, and unique styles and colours. Let’s take a closer look!


Modern Style

This winter and moving into 2024, trends are forecasting that modern style is taking a more organic and rustic turn in favour of more earthy, rough, and neutral colours and themes alongside intricate wood details, and inspiration from nature. This brings a more cozy and comforting feeling to these spaces.


Monochromatic Colour Palette

While all-white rooms and furniture seemed to rule design trends for recent years, this winter we’re looking at furniture and upholsteries that are darker, richer, and bolder in colour. Monochromatic rooms and colour combinations are also popular with more personal statements taking center stage. Textures in furniture and accessories are also being used to create more comforting spaces that grab attention and tell a story.


Colourful Pieces

At Executive Furniture Rentals we specialize in offering a wide variety of furniture including the latest trends and other unique styles. Browse our Gus Premium Collection for rich, bold, and darker coloured sofas, sectionals, as well as chairs and gliders. Browse our collection of furniture for your home, office, and rental space that includes multiple textures to add visual interest and comfort!


Neutrals, Neutrals, Neutrals

Neutral colours remain a reliable and popular trend when it comes to furniture pieces, accents, and accessories. Our collections include a wide variety of neutrals including traditional, intricate, and detailed styles, as well as functional. These premium pieces alongside textural elements can provide visual interest and contrast that grabs attention and makes the space more interesting.


Bring Home Luxe for Less

Our extensive catalog of furniture can also create the up-and-coming manor-style interior design trend for a feel and energy that communicates organic luxury and sophistication. Curating your own space and style for your home, office, or event doesn’t have to require endless tips and tricks or professional styling services. With our variety of available furniture, you’ll be able to create a luxurious, comforting, and/or traditional feel that takes your space to the next level while serving its function.


Contact Executive Furniture Today!

At Executive Furniture Rentals we’re committed to offering a variety of furniture to suit almost all styles including the latest trends. Indulge in darker, richer colours as well as more organic textures and neutrals that will elevate your space or event while relaying the comforting feel that you desire! Contact us today!

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