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July 25, 2023

Set-Up The Perfect Dorm Room in Time for Fall Semester

It’s that time of year again–the preparations for back to school. Those who are excited (and probably a little nervous) to move into a dorm room come fall semester have some big moves to do! Setting up your first dorm can be fun and new, but also expensive. Take the idea of rental furniture, now; budget-friendly and a growing trend for spaces that don’t necessarily need permanent pieces. Instead of committing to over-priced or low-quality pieces for the academic year, consider Executive Furniture for rental furniture to elevate your space. 


There is no doubt about the crazy workload of a college student. That means a comfortable and high-quality desk chair is a must!  Skip the back-breaking chairs and look into ergonomic pieces, like the BOA-G20 chair or the Toni Mid Back Chair. Both of these chairs are made of durable material that will provide optimal support. 

And when all of that homework is finished (hopefully), some TV serves great for a quick break. Functional TV stands are ideal for dorm rooms, especially ones with extra hidden storage opportunities. In dorm rooms, every free corner of space is significant. This TV Stand with distressed wooden top and metal base can be a great addition to any small space. 

Plus, accessories make a basic room not-so-basic anymore. Adding in a unique lamp on an elevated night stand will surely stand out and serve their function well. Check out our full-length mirror options, like the Cheval Leather mirror or the Diane Floor Mirror. Stack up all of those school books in a rental book case–but make it classy and elegant. 


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Designing a small space can be a difficult task. Unfortunately, we know there is not much leeway in dorm rooms. Try out some unique items and see what fits before committing to a trendy look or aesthetic, available here, all year long (for those moments during exam season when redesigning your room sounds much more appealing than studying). We’re here to help, contact us to get started today! 

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