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February 22, 2010

Stage That Office to Sell (or Lease)!

stage that office to sell

Discover how Executive Furniture Rentals assists commercial real estate and property management companies to sell and rent properties quickly with office staging and home staging! Stage that office to sell (or lease)!

The present home staging phenomenon is so successful because it works. Fact: homes sell faster when staged.

Having completed the worst property market in a decade (2009), the need for commercial staging becomes a very useful marketing option. By enhancing the office space, prospective tenants can visualize how the space can work for their corporate needs.

Renting office furniture for private offices, reception or even workstation bullpens can easily be achieved on a temporary basis. As a side benefit, property managers can use the staged interiors as “Ready Offices” that can be rented with the property. Furthermore, custom requirements can be achieved within very short notice.

Commercial staging is truly an opportunity for designers, property managers, real estate and furniture rental companies to partner their expertise as they have done so successfully with the residential market.

Call me: (416) 785-0932. I would enjoy the opportunity to help plan your new marketing strategy!

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