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January 14, 2013

Swing Space. Not Just For Swingers.

swing spaceswing space

In Toronto, commercial tenants have more options than ever before to choose office swing space. As new commercial buildings (towers) are being built and attracting companies, especially from the mid-town and beyond, Telus a prime example, asset managers of older buildings are renovating and modernizing their existing space, especially to keep the tenants they already have.

As construction occurs in these retro-fitted buildings, employees need to be temporarily relocated in alternate spaces. This is called a swing space. For many years, Executive Furniture Rentals has been depended on to be a source of temporary furnishings for such temporary projects. Workstations, walls, conference rooms, private offices and so much more are rented temporarily to coincide with the lease term. Savings, as opposed to buying are immense, and the service of having equipment delivered and picked up on short notice is invaluable. By the way, when discussing swing space we are not talkiing about just small and medium office. Just this year, in Manhattan, New York, A&E Television Network renewed its 222,000 square-foot temporary swing space lease at 685 Third Avenue. That is big!

For those who are in commercial real estate, partnering with a company such as Executive Furniture Rentals can achieve high returns and for companies requiring swing space, there is a lot of do’s and don’ts to a successful project that I will be discussing at later dates. I can truthfully say swing space is happening now, more than ever in our city. Sorry Austin, it’s NOT just for swingers:

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