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Selling Your Home in Toronto? Home Staging Could Be Your Best Bet

If you're selling your home in Toronto, home staging could give you the edge and help make your home as appealing as possible to potential buyers. Similar homes for sale may have old furniture or mismatched furniture, and to potential buyers, this can be a terrible first impression even though they're looking at buying the [...]

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Furniture Rental Companies – Bargain Hunters Beware!

Let's face it, we all love deals.  Why should we buy something at full retail markup when you can buy the same item below wholesale price?  In Toronto there are many places to go in one's search for "the great deal" - i.e. Aarons Clearance Centre. The best kept secrets are at furniture rental companies. [...]

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Home Staging: Perspectives from a Furniture Rental Guy

I love home staging! Over the past 10 years, home staging has exploded into a legitimate, professional full time industry, when in fact, it once was the exclusive domain of “home decorators” and interior designers. It is estimated that over 1300+  graduate an initial certificated home staging course annually in Ontario . Hey, you can [...]

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