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International Contemporary Furniture Fair (May 15-18)

Good news for all you office furniture fans like ourselves: the International Contemporary Furniture Fair is coming to a city near you, and soon!  Well, it'll be "near you" if you happen to live near New York City, anyway.  But it could be farther!  From us, anyway.  Ahem.  Excuse us. As we were saying, from [...]

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Renting Furniture Helps Rent Your Property

A friend of ours forwarded us a great article recently published at, titled "Landlords Move In Furniture to Help Rent Properties." It seems that more and more landlords are realizing how attractive, quality furniture already in place can help make a home more appealing to potential renters. Some are even marketing their properties as [...]

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Furniture for Hire

Furniture for hire is the perfect way to furnish a home quickly and for not much money. Whether you're relocating due to a job, if you're selling your property and would like to use home staging to help, or another reason, furniture for hire often just makes sense. Buying furniture, whether it's for home or [...]

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