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Furniture Rental Toronto (and Sonoma, California)

As purveyors of some of the finest furniture rental Toronto around, we know great furniture when we see it—after all, we see it every day in our showroom.  But simply because we're in the furniture rental Toronto field doesn't mean we don't appreciate what others do.  Far from it, actually.  We thrill at seeing elegant, [...]

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Toronto Furniture Rentals (All Occasions)

We pride ourselves as the premier Toronto furniture rentals solution out there.  We endeavor to stay atop of this by maintaining a commitment to high quality service, value, expertise, and professionalism.  This manifests itself in the range and quality of services we offer, from our home furniture in Toronto options to our office furniture in Toronto [...]

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Furnish Your Toronto Home with Used Furniture

We can't say it enough: Used furniture is one of the most affordable ways to furnish your home. Many people think of old, ripped and stained couches and worn tables when they think of used furniture, but when you shop for it at the right place, you'll find an incredible selection of gently-used items that [...]

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Renting Furniture Helps Rent Your Property

A friend of ours forwarded us a great article recently published at, titled "Landlords Move In Furniture to Help Rent Properties." It seems that more and more landlords are realizing how attractive, quality furniture already in place can help make a home more appealing to potential renters. Some are even marketing their properties as [...]

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Need Used Furniture? Toronto Store Has It All

In need of used furniture? Toronto store Executive Furniture Rentals is where you'll find what you need to furnish your home or office.  Used furniture can be an economical way to transform an empty space, as it's typically sold gently-used. It's not impossible to find stylish, comfortable used furniture in next-to-new condition if you know [...]

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