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June 14, 2016

Want Don Drapers Office? Rent The Mid Century Furniture You Need at Executive Furniture!

Don draper office
Since the premiere of AMC’s Mad Men in 2007, designers, home owners and creative types alike have praised the unique mid-century modern styling of the series, its sets, clothing and beauty trends. While the popular TV series is now over, the impact it has had on the revival of mid-century décor remains. One of the most eye-catching and stylish sets on the show has always been Don Draper’s office at the Sterling Cooper ad agency. Luxurious yet functional, his workspace has featured some of the most enviable pieces of furniture in TV history.

Want to recreate the same feel in your own office space? Executive Furniture Rentals now offers mid-century modern-inspired furniture so you can achieve the Don Draper office look on your own. Here’s a look at the essential pieces you’ll need to incorporate for a truly Mad Men-style workspace:

  1. A Great Desk

While most workspaces don’t have room for the enormous desk featured in Don Draper’s office, a smaller-scale version can bring some modern flair to your space. The Junction Desk, for example, is the perfect size and has excellent functionality.

  1. A Comfortable Lounge Chair

Throughout the series, we see Don Draper and his guests sitting in a variety of lounge chairs. These items keep an office space more casual, and add a level of comfort to a sometimes tense atmosphere. The Delano Chair is the perfect mid-century piece, with black leather and metal accents. For a softer look and feel, the Truss Lounge Chair may be a perfect alternative.

  1. A Mid-Century Sofa

We often see Don Draper lounging on a low, long sofa that is typical of the mid-century era. Whether you choose an eye-popping colour or an understated neutral, opt for a 3-seater, tufted style for a very retro look. Some of our favourites include the Atwood Sofa, which features tapered legs, or the Margot Sofa, with beautiful velvet goldleaf upholstery.

  1. An Eye-Catching Coffee Table

If you’re afraid of going too bold in your office, one place you can always make a statement is with your coffee table. Mid-century pieces are known for their funky shapes, sleek lines and interesting combinations of glass, wood, metal and more. Some of our favourites include the Metric Coffee Table, with its strong geometric presence, or the Hull Coffee Table, which features a classic mid-century oblong shape.

  1. A Bar Cart or Sideboard

Though drinking on the job is not nearly as common as it was in Don Draper’s office environment, a stylish bar cart or sideboard is one accessory that adds glamour to your mid-century modern workplace. Styled with vintage glassware and bar accessories, you’ll create a focal point for your office, even if you’re just using them for water! Incorporate the Annex Media Stand or for a smaller version, the Annex End Table.

For more information on our available mid-century modern style furniture rentals, or for assistance in choosing the ideal pieces for your office, get in touch with Executive Furniture rentals today.

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