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February 13, 2024

Warm Up Your Home This Winter With Shades of Green

There are so many stylish, sustainable, and creative ways to incorporate a gorgeous green colour palette throughout your home. Take the chill out of winter and add small touches of earth tones, emeralds, and greenery to add warmth and bring harmony and tranquility to your space this winter! 


The green colour palette is rising in popularity in home decor and interiors. Shades of green are seen as the most restful colours to the human eye and bring about a sense of peace and serenity. The colour green and all its shades are also closely associated with words such as natural, sustainable, and eco-friendly and complement materials and furnishings made from rattan, bamboo, natural stone, and recycled wood and timber.


Paint The Walls Green

Incorporating various green accents in your home doesn’t have to be daunting. The colour green is closely associated with growth and renewal and bringing nature in with soft greens, earthy greens, vibrant greens, and deep smoky and forest greens can be easier than you think. If you’re looking for a more bold statement consider using paint and wallpaper designs to bring more green hues into your home. Consider painting a feature wall in your favourite green hue or opt for a more monochromatic look by painting the entire room. Have fun choosing a green floral wallpaper for a small bathroom and consider wallpaper with more textural elements for a room’s accent wall.


Accessorize with Green

Utilize green fabrics in the form of decorative throws, cushions, rugs, curtains, and bedding in any room of your home. Have fun with combinations of woven upholstery, and smooth and coarse materials to add interest and richness to your space. Play with textures found in nature including woolens, linen cushions, and velvet cushion covers to name a few. The small accents look great on white or neutral-coloured furniture including sofas, sectionals, and more!


Opt for area rugs and runners that pull in rich deep green colours to help ground your living space as well as curtains to add pops of green. Explore using artwork and prints to add green splashes throughout including green abstract artwork, botanical or tropical foilage prints, and vintage landscape paintings. You could also add personality to your space with decorative green accessories such as ceramic vases, tinted glass vessels, decorative bowls, green marble serving trays, and jade lighting fixtures. 


Add More Green with Greenery

The easiest way to add more green to your home is with living elements like plants and florals. Improve your air quality and explore the endless options of decorating with green plants, foliage, and flowers. Fresh greenery also comes with benefits including increased productivity, reduced stress, and an instant lift with added freshness and vitality to any room of your home. 


Green furniture choices can also be utilized via upholstered odomans, formal dining chairs, and lush green sofas! For a bold look incorporate our lush emerald Margot Sofa or our earthy-toned plush Casella Grove Nord Sofa for an instant sense of freshness and vitality. 


Contact Executive Rental Furniture

By embracing the love of green in your home you can give your space a sense of calm, warmth, and tranquility like never before. The green elements you choose can be as subtle or as bold as suits your personality and lifestyle. Blend your warm green accents with our earthy and neutral furnishings including off-white and beige-coloured sectionals, adomens, sideboards, and more. With our extensive catalog of home furnishings complimented by fresh green accents, the options with Executive Furniture Rentals are truly endless!

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