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April 6, 2009

Renting Office Furniture – Why It Makes Sense

renting office furniture

With today’s fragile economy, there has never been a time in the last 25 years when renting office furniture has become a major strategic option for both large and small companies alike.

It’s quite amazing how many Fortune 500 companies in the United States have long made renting office furniture their core policy as a purchasing alternative. In Canada, however, aside from existing U.S. affiliates, renting office furniture is just becoming recognized as a sound solution to future planning and budgets. The reasons are multiple, but let me mention a few:

Renting Office Furniture Conserves Capital

Buying office furniture ties up capital or credit. But renting office furniture frees those assets for more productive uses. Renting office furniture requires no down payment. Since rental payments are classified as an operating expense rather than a capital investment, furniture costs are fully deductible and can be expensed monthly rather than capitalized over the life of the furniture which eliminates the necessity to depreciate the furnishings.

Renting Office Furniture Offers Flexibility

Both growth and down-sizing requires flexibility, therefore, renting office furniture is an ideal way to make sure that furnishings match current trends. Pieces can be added and subtracted easily and inexpensively, usually on 48 hours notice or less.

When the rental contract expires, furniture is simply returned, without the cost and hassle of liquidating used furniture. Today furniture rental companies may offer high grade branded office furniture such as Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth as well as Hon , Trendway, Global and so much more. One should inquire with all renting office furniture companies about their purchase option. You will be amazed how easy acquisition can be. Most renting office furniture companies allow rental payments to be applied directly to the purchase, if they wish and structure it to best suit clients needs.

Renting Office Furniture Benefits Employee Productivity

Twentieth-century thinking was always “looking successful is part of being successful” and “renting office furniture lets a small business put its best foot forward.” Today, there really is an onus for owners, facility managers and commercial interior designers to provide employees with functional working tools that allow employees to maximize their productivity. When acquiring office furniture, they are in essence contributing to the company “culture”. Today’s trends lend towards lower workstation panels, flexibility of design (wheels on tables), encouragement for employees to interact (sounds like all this could be a topic for a future blog!), environmentally friendly manufactured furniture and much more!

Since rental furniture dealers offer the same quality and selection found at many leading retailers, companies can provide their employees with the newest designed office furniture without the necessary commitment of purchasing. This is especially true for shorter term renting office furniture requirements, such as swing-space applications, workplace pilot-testing, temporary projects or simply waiting for new furniture to arrive.

It Just Makes Sense to Rent Office Furniture

Renting office furniture is the smart alternative for small business. Renting conserves capital, provides flexibility and increase employee productivity while enhancing company culture – without a large investment! Want to know more about how renting office furniture can help your company grow or adjust? Your local office furniture rental experts can help or simply contact me.

“Buy what appreciates, rent what depreciates”. It just makes good business sense.

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