How to Winterize Your Home with Seasonal Decor

As winter rolls around, you start to prepare for the cold winter weather. For many parts of the country, that means putting away summer gardening tools and dragging out snow shovels. Although some parts of “winterizing” aren’t exactly exciting, preparing your home décor for the changing seasons is a fun way to create excitement that [...]

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No Place Like (a New) Home for the Holidays

If you are relocating and moving into a new place during the holidays, it is probably safe to say that you're feeling anxious about your transition. It's important to minimize these feelings of stress by understanding the challenges, which can help you prepare for your first celebration in your new home. Life coach, Catharine Ecton [...]

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Scrooge Got It Right!

We have all seen at  least once,  a film version of Charles Dickens "Christmas Carol". A perfect tale of egoism and selfishness versus goodness and kindness. It also shows that there is good in all of us and the importance of expressing that everyday, not just on the 25th. As a business owner, I am [...]

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