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Home Stager – Love Them, Don’t Leave Them

The Issue As 2013 gathers steam, I am noticing a perturbing trend within the real estate industry: more and more real estate agents and home owners are attempting to stage heir properties without the services of a home stager. They are bypassing the stager believing they can get equal results at a lower cost. This [...]

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Home Furniture Toronto: Barcalounger Returns to America

Though we at Executive Furniture Rentals are a home furniture Toronto service, we can't help but be tickled by this bit of news from south of the border.  None other than the famed Barcalounger, a brand of recliner immortalized in lore and legend, will be returning to the United States next month. The Barcalounger has [...]

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Toronto Furniture Rental

Toronto—the city we at Executive Furniture Rentals call home—is a growing city.  It's easy to see why: the city is clean, diverse, safe, and dynamic.  It is a cultural and financial hub for North America and the world.  Since it attracts so many people, it's also easy to see why furniture rental in Toronto is [...]

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Selling Your Toronto Home

When it comes to selling a home in Toronto, home staging gives sellers an edge. Staged homes look impressive to potential buyers and sell faster. Selling your Toronto home is easier with the help of a home stager. A friend recently forwarded us an interesting article in Palm Springs, California's Desert Sun newspaper, in which [...]

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Selling Your Home in Toronto? Home Staging Could Be Your Best Bet

If you're selling your home in Toronto, home staging could give you the edge and help make your home as appealing as possible to potential buyers. Similar homes for sale may have old furniture or mismatched furniture, and to potential buyers, this can be a terrible first impression even though they're looking at buying the [...]

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