Renting Office Furniture

Office Furniture Toronto: Practical And Affordable

When your office has started to look a little dingy and is in need of a boost, consider renting office furniture Toronto as a short-term or long-term solution. At Executive Furniture Rentals, our impressive inventory and outstanding service will deliver a fresh new look to your workplace. Whether the goal is to keep things comfortable [...]

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Aeron Chairs in Toronto

The Aeron chair is a Herman Miller product, designed in 1994 by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf. It soon became a symbol of the dot-com bubble in the late 1990's. Aeron chairs in Toronto are a popular choice for many businesses and offices. The chair was intentionally ergonomically designed to be very comfortable due to [...]

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Be Kind to an Intern

This is the season to start thinking about summer...interns (and you thought I  was going to say "golf"). Be kind to an Intern. Most companies, public and charitable organizations, enjoy the new talents of summer students.   Internship programmes are critical for businesses, for it is through these programmes that students experience the workplaces of their futures.   Most importantly, a good [...]

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Relocating Employees? A Secret to Save Money

Relocating employees? Here's a little-known secret: Companies that temporarily relocate their employees for assignment in Canada have an option that can be a cost savings of large proportion. This alternative is the hiring of a full-service furniture for hire company. Statistically, the United States engages in the services of furniture rental by more than 80% [...]

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Furniture Rental World Wide

With the tap of your finger, the world seems so much smaller, yet, it has become better than ever, with immeasurable goods and services presented on your private screen. Quite amazing! This certainly is the case with furniture rental. All major furniture rental companies have web sites which you can learn, understand and even order [...]

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